All our dishes are made with the authentic ingredients. We do not use shortcuts in a form of concentrate and artifcial flavour enhencers. We do not skip any important steps in the process. We pay attention to details.


Osha's Pad Thai is made from authentic ingredients

It's less sweet than ordinary sugar and it doesn't leave metal taste as brown sugar does. His distinctive flavour reminds us of caramel and butterscotch.

The flavour is sweet and a little sour. Our PAD THAI sauce is made exclusively from the fresh fruit, therefore it contains no additives. Use of concentrate is for us a big NO NO!

This key ingredient of the South Eastern cuisine gives our PAD THAI sauce the saltiness and umami that no other flavour enhencers can replace. Thus, our PAD THAI has no vegan option.


As in Vietnam

Osha's PHO is made from homemade beef bouillon

Vietnamese soup dish with rice noodles PHO is a result of the French influence from the colonial times. The technique of cooking the broth is French while ingredients like rice noodles, fish sauce and exotic spices, are Vietnamese.

A real bouillon for PHO has to be clear what we achieve with special technique of rinsing bones without losing the flavour. This is why we don't use flavours enhancers like MSG. Bouillon is more limpid and as such kinder to taste buds, flavour is clearer, deeper and less sour.

Don't add hoisin and sriracha sauce directly to the soup. They will overrun the taste of bouillon which is a pity. Rather dip the meat in the hoisin and/or sriracha then spoon the soup separately.


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